Funding for Bridges will open Four Miles of Genesee Valley Greenway Trail

The Federal Highway Administration, in cooperation with Region 6 of the NYS Department of Transportation in Hornell, NY, has approved a request to reallocate funds that will pay for the replacement of two Pennsylvania Railroad bridges and related trail surface work near Rockville in Allegany County.

This request was made on behalf of the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail by the partnership that is developing and maintaining the trail. Funds for these bridge replacement projects come from a federal TEA-21 (Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century) grant awarded to the partnership to make capital improvements to the trail in Allegany County.

Prefabricated bridges will be purchased and placed on the existing stone abutments. Work is expected to begin in 2008 and will facilitate the opening of another four miles of trail, from Rockville Lake to the hamlet of Black Creek. Up until now, the three-and-one-half mile section between Route 305 and Tibbetts Hill Rd. has been closed for lack of one 43-foot bridge over Black Creek. 43 foot span
When replaced, this 43'span will open another 3.5 miles of trail.

According to Ron Abraham, Sr. Forester with NYS DEC, "People will really enjoy using this stretch of trail. It is one of the most remote sections on the southern end of the Greenway, making it a great area for viewing wildlife. Thanks to the beavers, sections of the canal prism (the bed of the old Genesee Valley Canal) are full of water and appear much as they did when the canal was operating."

70 foot span
The 70' span north of Route 305
Replacing the 70-foot bridge over Black Creek just north of Route 305 will connect another half-mile of trail between the highway and Rockville Lake. The lake cottage residents in particular will benefit from this new connection.