DEC and State Parks Police Patrolling Greenway to Enforce and Educate

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Warm summer weather and feature articles in area newspapers have resulted in increasing numbers of persons using the Genesee Valley Greenway. Most report a very favorable experience and an interest in returning to hike, bike, or ride horseback on additional sections of the trail.

Some questions have been received, however, regarding what types of activities are allowed on the Greenway. Basic rules of the trail are posted on the gates at trail heads. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers and New York State Park Police are patrolling the Greenway to help educate the public about the activities that are allowed. They are also issuing tickets and making arrests. According to State Park Police Chief David Page and Environmental Conservation Officer Dick Thomas, often persons, especially youth, are unaware of the State laws governing ATVs and dirt bikes and don't know that motor vehicles are not allowed on the Greenway. While both officers see education as an important part of their job, Officer Thomas added, "We also are actively enforcing all the laws dealing with recreational use of the Greenway. As conservation officers, we want to help create and maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone that uses the Greenway."

Both officers stress the number of incidents on the Greenway have been few. However, they want people to know that if there are problems, they should contact them and they will address them. According to Officer Thomas, "We are there to promote the safe use of this new recreational pathway." Park Police Chief Page concurs that everyone needs to be involved, "For law enforcement to be successful, we need to develop a community of users and Greenway neighbors who are familiar with the rules and regulations and know who to turn to for assistance." Anyone with concerns relating to the Greenway should contact Environmental Conservation Officers Dick Thomas or John Hill at 226-2466 or the State Park Police at 658-4692. For immediate assistance, dial 911.

Motorized vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, motorbikes, trucks, and cars are prohibited from using the Greenway. However, trail users may occasionally encounter farm equipment along the trail. These persons have permission from the State to use the former rail bed to reach adjacent farm fields.

Officer Thomas observed, "People are really beginning to appreciate the Greenway for its recreational and aesthetic value as well as a place to exercise, study nature and experience different habitats along the river. There is plenty to see. I encourage people to come out and use the Greenway."

Winter Activities on the Greenway

The Genesee Valley Greenway is open for winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is allowed on open sections of the Greenway in Monroe and Livingston counties, south of Ballantyne Road in the Town of Chili in Monroe County. Snowmobiling is prohibited on the Greenway north of Ballantyne Road. Courteous respect for other trail users will ensure a positive experience for everyone.