1/1/19, 8:00 PM
Winter Events

Each year on January 1, Genesee Valley Greenway State Park hosts First Day Hikes at multiple locations along the Greenway.  The event has grown significantly since its origin over 10-years ago, with over 700 participants in 2024.

Back in 2019, about 30 participants in the north met at Canawaugus Park in Scottsville for an easy 2-mile round trip hike going north on the Greenway along both wooded and pastoral scenes.  Greenway Park Manager Kristine Uribe welcomed hikers and gave each a green NYS Parks head band before they starting out. There was no snow, very little wind, and a cool but reasonable temperature for being outdoors.  This was very different from 2018 when this hike had to be cancelled due to extreme cold, wind and snow.  After the hike, some of the hikers gathered to enjoyed excellent pizza at Salvatore’s Pizzeria & Saloon at 11 Main Street.  Thanks to Nick for his hospitality! 

About 36 participants in the south met at the Bull Street Parking Area in Cuba for a 2.6-mile round trip over similar easy terrain, often following Griffin or Olean Creeks. A number of children and several dogs were part of this outdoor adventure with hike leader Mark Landowski. There was no snow on the ground, but there was precipitation in the form of a cold rain snow mix. However, this did not seem to dampen the spirits of the hikers.

The Palmer Opera House, located at 12 W Main St., is less than ½ mile away from the meet up location and was open before and after the hike to offer handicapped accessible restrooms, hot beverages and snacks.  Hikers gathered at the Palmer House after the hike and enjoyed a delicious assortment of treats as they socialized.  Thanks to The Palmer for the great hospitality. It was a terrific partnership event between the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park and The Palmer Opera House.
Happy New Year to all from the Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway.

Reporters: Joan Schumaker for north and Marilee Patterer for south

1st Day Greenway Hikers -Cuba.jpg
1st Day Greenway Hikers (2019) in Cuba
by Marilee Patterer

!st Day Greenway Hikers - Scottsville.jpg
1st Day Greenway Hikers (2019) in Scottsville
by Joan Schumaker

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